RIM's Massive PlayBook Sale: All Models Now $US299

The PlayBook was bound to go on sale again... and now it has! In fact, RIM is selling all its models for $US299. Yes, the 16GB version costs the same as the 64GB model. AU: It's still $485 on the Aussie store. Contacting RIM to find out why.

Which is some weird-ass pricing if you ask us, but then, desperate times call for desperate measures.

Each of the 16GB, 32GB and 64GB versions are now on sale for $US299 at the official RIM online store. That's a saving of $US200, $US300 and $US400 respectively. Just don't expect the stock of the 64GB version to last very long. Because that is an amazing deal.

So, uh, why are you still on this page and not at their store? [BlackBerry Store via Pocket Lint]

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