Recordit Covers Your Ikea Shelves With Album Art

Ikea's Expedit shelving system is as popular a piece of furniture as you're ever likely to find, but the open square look is a like leaving your window open for strangers to look at your stuff. Fortunately, New York designer Shane Kealey discovered that the empty squares are about the same size as record covers, and developed the Recordit! system to fill in the gaps.

Promoting the system on Kickstarter, Kealey reached his $US7,500 goal yesterday, allowing him to kick RecordIt into production. The frame will be made from aluminium, which is neutral enough that it will look nice on any of Ikea's shelving colours.

Pricing for the Kickstarter project varied, but the cheapest option for a singkle frame was $35, with 10 frames costing $320. because the project has now been funded, it's not immediately apparent how new users can order the finished product, although once the initial setup logistics have been fulfilled, we'll see it made available.


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