Question Block Lamp Won't Grant You An Extra Life

I'm not entirely sure how Etsy hasn't already been done-in by copyright lawyers, but I'm glad they're still around. Because where else are you going to find awesome unlicensed stuff like this Super Mario question block lamp?

In Mario's world these inquisitive brick structures dot the landscape, providing random power-ups and benefits to the protagonist plumber like coins, extra lives and even invincibility. But the only thing the real world version provides is ambient lighting, and a way to express your love for Nintendo.

It's made from poplar with tinted translucent acrylic and paper providing the colour for the bricks and question block. And I'd suggest swapping out its incandescent bulb for something more eco and power bill-friendly. Because while Mario's version readily spits out coins with every head-butt, this one will actually cost you $US68. [Etsy via Nerd Approved]

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