Pioneer's External Blu-Ray Burner Is Lighter And Thinner Than A Cheeseburger

The cloud may be a hot topic in storage but it's not very convenient when you've got more than a couple of gigabytes of data to back up. Pioneer's new external Blu-Ray burner can handle up to 128GB with its 1.27cm-tall frame — the world's thinnest.

The BDR-XD04 makes mobile disc-burning feasible again. Sure it only writes at 6x speeds and uses a USB 2.0 cable, but it weighs just 240g. The USB connection also doubles as a power source so you wont have to beg for an extra outlet at a busy coffee shop.

The BDR-XD04 can also handle virtually any type of disc, from 128GB quad-layer and 100GB triple-layer BD-Rs, to DVDs and CDs — even Blu-Ray 3D discs are compatible. It is expected to retail for $US150 when it ships later this month. [EngadgetThe Verge]

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