Pioneer N50 Audio Player Streams Your Digital Audio Over AirPlay And DLNA

Once upon a time you would have bout a turntable, cassette deck, or CD player for your audiophile music setup. Wires and physical media? So archaic. That's why Pioneer now has the N50 AirPlay and DLNA compatible networked audio player, which should make your high quality audio files sound great.

The N50 has dual transformers (to improver performance in the impedance department) and USB/Optical/Coaxial digital inputs to go with RCA and Optical/Coaxial outputs. Additionally it has support for internet radio and iPod file structures, so pretty much anything stashed away on a multitude of your internet-connected electronics will play. The only thing that sucks is that you need an additional adaptor for wi-fi capability (ugh).

There's also the N30 player, which lacks the dual transformers, digital inputs (AirPlay and DLNA notwithstanding), and iPod compatibility, but otherwise carries out the same functions. The N-50 and N-30 are available now for $US700 and $US500, respectively. [Pioneer]

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