Pioneer Gets All Up In Your Dash With Its Android-Ready App Radio 2

Pioneer is one of the kings of car stereo, but the company has been looking for new ways to enhance how you and your car interact—and how your car interacts with your gadgets and specifically your smartphone.

That's why Pioneer's App Radio 2 will have compatibility for both iPhones and Android smartphones.

Last year Pioneer brought you the original App Radio, which used the iPhone's 3G connection to connect you to everything from Pandora to Rdio, to satellite radio, to maps and weather—all through your car's infotainment system. Ever since, Pioneer has been constantly expanding the number of apps available for the infotainment system.

App Radio 2 offers the same services but incorporates compatibility for Android smartphones. The first App Radio 2 will be available for $US499. You'll still be able to buy the original iOS-only App Radio for $US399.

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