Piece Of Dried Glue Is Apparently Worth 1000s

This glob of dried glue kind of looks like Homer Simpson. Kind of. The thing is that this insignificant blip in the scheme of humanity is about to sell on eBay UK for a metric crap tonne. It's at £151,000 with two days to go.

Let's be real here. Crazy stuff happens on eBay all the time. But dried glue is just nothing. Even if it looked way more like Homer than it does it would still be worth nothing. Even if you were the biggest Simpsons fan in the world you couldn't possibly consider paying real money for this. Mainly because if you were the biggest Simpsons fan in the world you would be aware of the fact that this dried adhesive barely looks like Homer at all.

What is going on? Seller Christopher Herbert started the bidding at £0.99 on January 23. Sure. That's fine. He used some corny pitches ("The missing piece in any Simpson enthusiast's collection...") to make it seem more appealing. He even disclosed the fact that it's only a centimeter tall. Within a half hour, though, someone had submitted an £1000 bid. Things just spiralled from there to 80 bids.

In this video interview with The Telegraph, Herbert notes that, "It's just bizarre, really." It's a relief to know that he's aware, because in an eBay update yesterday he wrote that, "my faith in human nature has been restored thanks to UK eBayers!" Funny! Because for me they've done the exact opposite. [eBay UK via METRO]

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