Parrot’s New Headphones Are Mighty Purty

Parrot’s New Headphones Are Mighty Purty

I bet you’re looking at these ZIK Parrot by Starck cans and thinking how hot they are. Hey! Eyes up here, buddy. Don’t be shallow. They’re packed tight with some very cool tech, but yes, they are begging to be stroked.

See, the outer surface of these Bluetooth headphones are touch sensitive. Wanna crank up the volume? Swipe upwards. Wanna skip to the next track? Swipe to the side. Wanna pause the music? Just take the headphones off, and the music will pause automatically. Pretty nifty. And yes, they’re really good-looking and quite comfortable to wear.


The headset has four microphones for some serious noise-cancelling. I tried them at a press event, and the room noise all but disappeared when I wore them. They also feature Parrot’s “Digital Music Hall” effect, which is basically some digital processing that happens to make the sound more 3D. It definitely sounded like I was listening to the music in a much bigger room, but it will a bit heavy on the reverb for my liking. The sound was well-balanced when listening to some modern folky acoustic stuff, but when I switched over to “99 Problems”, HOV’s voice sounded “off” to me. There is an EQ built into the iOS/Android app, however, so this may not have to be one of Jay’s 99 problems forever.

The Zik should pair with any Bluetooth device you’ve got, and yes, you can use it for making calls. As far as I know these are also the first headphones with NFC built in, which I assume is for faster pairing/file transfers. You can connect them by a quarter-inch cable, too, but you won’t be getting you tunes in all their digital glory. No word on price or availability yet, but I would bet “expensive” and Q2.