Painting Made Using Light, Plexiglass Aeroplanes

Painting Made Using Light, Plexiglass Aeroplanes

Art someties isn’t exactly what it seems. This picture, for instance, disappears completely if you switch the light off that’s shining through the plexiglass aeroplanes hanging from the ceiling.

It really is a beautiful piece. I love that the idea builds on the concept of the toy planes that used to hang from our bedroom ceilings, but manages to turn them into something so wonderful-looking. It’s a real shame we had to crop the photo for the site, but you can see it in all it’s glory just below.


The artwork is currently on display as part of the ‘Fly to Baku‘ Contemporary Art Exhibition at the De Pury Gallery in London, UK. The exhibition aims to showcase the growing contemporary art scene of Azerbaijan and its capital, Baku. If it’s all this good, I’m ready to be impressed. [Daylife via Reddit]

Image: Getty