Pacific Highway Not An Option, Says Google Maps

Where have you gone, Pacific Highway? Technically, Google Maps can see it, if you're nice enough to type it in directly, but try and plan a trip via the search giant's online atlas and, well, one of Australia's major highways is off-limits for no discernible reason.

The Sydney Morning Herald picked up on the anomaly yesterday, using a trip between Byron Bay and Sydney as an example. Instead of a providing a route straight up the highway, you'll be directed through a series of suburbs instead, including Armidale and Tenterfield. Speaking to SMH, a Google spokesperson said the error had been "flagged", but as of writing remains an issue.

Oddly enough, if you switch the system over to walking directions, Google Maps is more than happy to suggest the Pacific Highway as an option (as long as you don't mind the six days it'll take). Why it thinks cars would be better off taking the scenic route... who knows?


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