No Matter What Facebook Scammers Tell You, You're Stuck With Timeline FOREVER

So you switched over to Facebook's new Timeline design and you don't like it, huh? That's too bad because you've entered into a covenant from which there is no escape. But for the less tech savvy, scammers have people believing there's a way back to what you once knew.

According to Inside Facebook's Brittany Darwell, there are upwards of 16 pages related to this scam with a collective total of 71,000 likes. Furthermore, these pages often show up at the top of Facebook search results when you search "timeline." Uh oh.

Long story short, tell your parents that there's no way to get their old Facebook wall back. Obviously, you'd never fall for something so foolish, right? RIGHT?. [Inside Facebook via MSNBC]


    facebook is actually moving EVERYONES profile to timeline this year anyway, so having it earlier just gives you more time to get used to the inevitable changes.

    I kinda like Timeline to be honest.. :)

    I like timeline, there is just something good about the setup, also being able to leave a post "the day before" they signed up for Facebook with the comment of "first" is awesome.

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