Neil DeGrasse Tyson Shoots Down Gingrich's Moon Base

Neil DeGrasse Tyson -- one of my favourite space people -- was interviewed by MSNBC's Martin Bashir about Newt Gingrich's moon base plan by 2020. The short version: Newt got it wrong. The long version: watch the video.

I want the world to have a permanent base on the Moon. It will be great for the US and humanity as a whole. Just setting up a liquid space telescope -- hundreds of times more powerful than any telescope ever created -- would justify it. The things we would learn as species would push civilisation forward in a way we never imagined before.

But doing this by 2020 in the current situation is a pretty crazy idea... unless all the governments -- US, Russia, Europe and China -- put all their weight behind it. Like the US did with Apollo. Which is precisely what the Newtanaut -- which his illegal idea of a US-only base funded by private companies -- doesn't want to do.

[Video: MSNBC]

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      The embed looks like it's borked. I've replaced it with the link.

    He seems to be able to just cut through the hyperbole and get straight to the heart of the thing. I've always had a hope that they will build a decent space station and then go to the Moon. But for some reason people seem to think it's more important to go to Mars first. Small steps people small steps, but we have to start walking now!!

    Thanks Neil and if Obama had set out this goal you would have been behind it and praised his foresight!

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