My Eyes Orgasmed When I Saw The Samsung Super OLED TV

My eyes have never felt so good than when they saw Samsung Super OLED TV. IT WAS SOO CLEAR. I went to go see it up close and it's beaaaautiful. Seriously, you'll see its gorgeousness in the video, but it's even better-looking in person. Criminally good lookin'.

The first thing your brain realises after your eyes recover from the explosive eyegasm is that the picture looks like it's floating in mid air. That's because the bezel is super model thin, essentially unnoticeable, letting your picture appear frameless. The blacks are darker than night, the colours are deliciously vivid and to be honest, it looks better than real life. It's the best thing my eyes have ever seen. I want this in my living room so much I seriously considered the legal ramifications of stealing it.

When it releases sometimes in 2012, the 55-inch TV will be full 3D and powered by multiple cores. I can't wait.

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