Modern Man Starts Fires With An App, Not Flint

You already have a remote for controlling your TV, one of the focal points in your living room, so why not your fireplace as well? Escea asked the same question, but then went ahead and answered it with their new DX5100 model.

In addition to an ultra wide design — which is apparently quite an engineering feat for a gas fireplace — the wi-fi enabled DX5100 can also be remotely operated from an iPhone or Android smartphone, or a computer with an internet connection. Letting users adjust the temperature in the room, or even extinguish the flames remotely if they forgot to before leaving the house.

The fireplace is also incredibly energy-efficient, directing about 90 per cent of the heat output back into your home, though through a system of ducts which makes it look like installation requires some hefty reno to your home. So I think I'll stick with burning old shipping pallets in oil drums in my (cough cough cough) living room thank you very much. [Escea via Gear Patrol]

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