MiVeu Straps Your iPhone To Your Chest For Nipple-Level POVs

Ultrabooks and OLED TVs may have been the prominent theme at this year's CES, but there was also a number of action cam solutions announced. Like the MiVeu, which provides a secure way to mount your iPhone to your chest.

Since a lot of us already carry around a smartphone that can record hi-def video, the makers of the MiVeu figured that the only missing piece of the puzzle was a way to make it survive the occasional brush with death. So they created a durable case with a protective glass lens that clamps onto a secure mounting system that in turn can be strapped to your chest, other body parts, and even your gear.

An oversized shutter button makes it easy to snap pics or start and stop a video recording while wearing gloves, and the whole kit is available now for just $US80. Not particularly cheap as far as iPhone cases go, but it's probably better to look at this as a bit of extra insurance for your phone if you live life to the XXXtreme! [MiVeu via Pocket-lint]

Photo: M.Mobile.Se

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