Microsoft Offering Nokia Handset Rewards For Aussie WP7 Developers

Windows Phone 7 needs apps. Microsoft knows this. Nokia knows this. So it's no surprise that the two smartphone partners have decided to incentivise Aussie developers by offering those who publish three or more apps before the end of March a free Nokia WP7 phone.

The first 50 Aussie developers to publish three or more apps on the WP7 Marketplace between January 1 and March 30 this year. Devs who publish three apps will get a Nokia Lumia 710, while those who publish four or more will get the Lumia 800. There's only 50 handsets on offer and it's restricted to one phone per developer, so if you want to take part, it's better to get in early.

It's a great promotion, especially given how well the Lumia handsets have been received. If you're an Aussie dev do this now - partially so you can win a free phone, but also so I have something to do on my WP7 handset.

[Microsoft via WP7 Down Under]

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