Microsoft Offering Nokia Handset Rewards For Aussie WP7 Developers

Windows Phone 7 needs apps. Microsoft knows this. Nokia knows this. So it's no surprise that the two smartphone partners have decided to incentivise Aussie developers by offering those who publish three or more apps before the end of March a free Nokia WP7 phone.

The first 50 Aussie developers to publish three or more apps on the WP7 Marketplace between January 1 and March 30 this year. Devs who publish three apps will get a Nokia Lumia 710, while those who publish four or more will get the Lumia 800. There's only 50 handsets on offer and it's restricted to one phone per developer, so if you want to take part, it's better to get in early.

It's a great promotion, especially given how well the Lumia handsets have been received. If you're an Aussie dev do this now - partially so you can win a free phone, but also so I have something to do on my WP7 handset.

[Microsoft via WP7 Down Under]



    So 3 Apps X 50 Phones. Awesome News! 150 new fart apps!

    But seriously, this isn't going to generate the apps that are needed. WP7 needs more local 'official' apps like an ANZ app, a version of the woolworths app, a version of the Big W app, Cricket app...

    I like the idea of a cricket app which has current scores on the live tile.

    i agree with Mdolley

    Its all for publicity. I am a developer working at a well known Australian tech company and reached out to Microsoft through the appropriate channels the last time they pulled this stung (about 4 or 5 months ago). 3 emails to them and not 1 reply.

    Quantity over quality it seems... the WP7 marketplace is already loaded with useless apps.

    This isnt improving the WP7 experience its just making there a better number for marketting when they say "access to over xxxx apps on the marketplace!"

    Not a bad thing for the Devs.. shame there are no WP7 phones available in Australia at the moment (well almost none, and no NEW ones)
    I think MS need to slap the Carriers around as well so the Devs can have USERS

    Hey guys, we've just finished a quality comp/challenge as part of the, this is just to mix it up a bit, appeals to different people to get on board, we'll be doing another quality comp... Cheers Dave

    isn't it a bit of a chicken before the egg? Wouldn't a developer want a phone beforehand to test their apps out? I really don't know, I'm not a developer..

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