Melbourne's Southern Star Wheel To Get 'World First LED Lighting System'

Does Melbourne need a 120m-tall observation wheel? The troubled attraction opened in 2009, shut down after cracks were spotted, and fixes were still underway last November when strong winds broke holds and the spinning wheel almost killed workers. But now, reports CNET, the engineers behind the London Eye have been brought in for a new design featuring 21 glass cabins and 3.6km of LED lights.

Arup, a renowned worldwide structural engineering firm, have extensive experience in the design of the only two other giant observation wheels in operation in the world, the London Eye and the Singapore Flyer. Representatives from their London office are part of the Melbourne based team working on this project.

• Southern Star reaches 120 metres high in the sky – equal in height to a 40-storey building.

• Relax as you travel through the sky – the Southern Star rotates at 11 metres per minute. That’s about twice the speed of the three-toed sloth.

• Designed as a 7 pointed star, you’ll notice more 7 pointed stars on the Australian flag.

• Enjoy 360° panoramic vistas and see up to 40 kilometres from top – peer down into the City then across Victoria to as far as the Dandenong Ranges

No official word on when the Southern Star will reopen, but some sources suggest it could be by year's end. [Southern Star via CNET SmartPlanet]

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    From the FAQ on their website:

    "Do I have to choose a time when pre-booking my flight?
    When pre-booking your flight on Southern Star..."

    I'm sorry, does this this really count as flying?

      Often these very large ferris wheels are called flying. The Singapore Flyer comes to mind (which I highly recommend if you're ever there).

        Huh... Well how about that. I've never seen it been described as that before. But how often do I read Ferris wheel descriptions...

          Well, lets do a simple projection chart.

          You read 2 today (Star and Flyer)

          So 2 in 1 day, therefore 730 a year (2*365). Lets assume you'll live for at least 50 more years, that means you'll read 36,500 more in the next 50 years. Wow dude, get a life. :D

    Ha! A 40 degree day and they will have to pull it down again, what are we up to 7 years?

    I ride past this hunk of junk every's the biggest eyesore in the ugliest suburb of Melbourne and I have to wonder who on earth is actually going to pay to ride the thing!

    and how much the cost for the taxpayers? I never see the cost to fix it being mentioned anywhere nowadays... would be keen to know how much this new LED fixtures cost.

      It's a 100% private investment. No public money has been used or is planned to be used to fund the project.

        Do you know if the shops near it are getting compo?

        A lot of businesses went there 5 years ago because of the wheel.

    My bro and I always laugh when we go shopping in Costco and see this POS. Waste of time and effort.

      You go shopping at that POS... :)

      Sorry, I just found your comment rather ironic.

    hmm has it even been built yet? twice construction was halted due to engineering faults ... didn't know they got the go ahead to try again ...
    Personally given the faults I would not step onto that thing ....

    The latest news story ( mentions the site was shut down by Work Safe in November. I drive by it most days, to and from work, and I'm certain it hasn't budged in the last 3 months, perhaps more.
    First it was the heat, then the wind... What's next? Unplanned amounts of rain will dissolve the whole lot to a bubbling mess? Will likely end up making the site more attractive than the half-arsed job that's been plaguing the skyline this last 5 years.
    Where did these planners/designers/engineers get their degrees? A Happy Meal??

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