MegaUpload's Kim Schlitz's Cars Being Seized

Yesterday the feds shut down MegaUpload. They've also seized an awful lot of the founders' possessions, including Kim "Dotcom" Schlitz's rather expensive car collection. Here's what towing away his millions of dollars of cars looks like.

Over at Jalopnik, there's a full list of the cars that were seized, along with their rather hilarious number plates. But Elliott Kember was in New Zealand yesterday, so he travelled to Schmitz's mansion and took a bunch of pictures of the cars being towed away. He's kindly let us reproduce some of his images here.

Amongst the cars towed away were a 2010 Maserati, a 2008 Rolls Royce, numerous Mercedes Benzes and even a pink Cadillac. Tasteful. [Elliott Kember]

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