The Best Worst Photos of Megaupload’s Kim Dotcom

The Best Worst Photos of Megaupload’s Kim Dotcom

Kim Schmitz aka Kimble aka Kim Dotcom. He was born in Kiel, Germany. According to the feds, he has done many bad things, apparently. But who was Kim, really? These images are better than any biography.

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He ate.[imgclear]


He used his thumbs.[imgclear][imgclear]

He jumped on beaches.[imgclear][imgclear]


He held guns.[imgclear]

He hanged out with friends.[imgclear][imgclear]

He watched movies on a portable DVD player.[imgclear]

He tried to eat Bruce Willis.[imgclear][imgclear]

He pointed at girls in bikinis while pointing at yatches.[imgclear]

His lived in a $US30 million estate in New Zealand.[imgclear][imgclear]

He covered himself with female humans in private planes.[imgclear]

He jacuzzied.[imgclear][imgclear]


He hammer-timed on the beach.[imgclear]

He hammer-timed on a yacht.[imgclear][imgclear]

He hunted some ducks.[imgclear]

He gave thumbs up to magazines with naked girl photos on them.[imgclear][imgclear]


He did good steak impressions.[imgclear]

He talked on the phones by blue sport cars.[imgclear][imgclear]

He bathed with balloons.[imgclear]


He drank juice on planes.[imgclear][imgclear]

He hanged out on planes.[imgclear]


He bathed on foam.[imgclear][imgclear]


He bathed on a lot of foam.[imgclear]

The Megaupload “song”.