MegaUpload Accounted For A Quarter Of All US Corporate Traffic (More Than Dropbox)

We tend to think of corporations as monolithic, singular entities. But they're not. They're just companies, normal companies run by normal people — people that really, really loved downloading stuff from MegaUpload while on the clock.

According to network data assembled by security vendor Palo Alto Networks, MegaUpload usage accounted for a full 25-percent of the corporate network traffic it monitored. PAS's security software monitored the gateways of 1,636 businesses worldwide — most of which employed more than 2,500 people — and recorded traffic numbers over a week's span.

PAS reports that while MegaUpload was only found on 57-percent of corporate networks — compared to DropBox's 76-percent — it moved 20,405GB of data to Dropbox's 17,573GB. FileSonic, which also appeared on 57-percent of networks pull through a paltry 4,058GB. [ArsTechnica]

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