Meet LG's Ultra-Definition 84-Inch Monster TV

HDTV is cool, I guess, but it's going to be hard to go back after looking at LG's ultra-def 4k display, which packs four times the pixels as a 1080p set. It's mind-bogglingly crisp and enormously... enormous. Second mortgage time!

Available this July (at 84, 60 and 72 inches) for what's sure to be a startling amount, the 3480x2160 UHD beast will come with all the nice bullet points as the lesser LCD sets: 3D, dual-core picture processing and motion-controlled "smart TV" apps, plus voice recognition. This starship of a TV can only do so much on paper, so we're eager to put our retinas on it as soon as we can. Eight million pixels. Think about it.

Just don't get too excited: remember, there's nothing out there that you can actually watch at that resolution. Yet.


    play games on it

    YouTube supports 4K resolution, and there are a few time lapse videos in 4K.

    Nice work on the stand as well - LG's styling is getting better all the time. Whether the quality is also increasing (as well as the user friendliness of the interface) is another question of course.

    Let's hope we see these down under, and not leave these bigger units to the US customers.

    Might need to improve the supports in the wall before popping one of these up... Nice...

    Yeah, my PC can pump out 3480×2160 no problem, so it looks like us PC gamers would have pretty sweet experiences gaming, or using this as a monitor.

    welcome to the mad motion judder screen.

    I wonder how my HTPC would go upscaling 1080p onto this bad boy...

    Can you imagine how crisp the 60inch model would be? Them's some tiny pixels :)


    I'm more excited about the 55" OLED. I'm sure any large 4k TV will be priced out of my lounge room :p

    Toshiba is about to released this beast Toshiba 55-inch 4K with glasses-free 3DTV!
    Glasses free 3DTV is the beast I'm after. Now how quickly will the price come down? OK you guys, start buying now!

    Too much for the 99%, but maybe the few 1% can afford it?

    thats so my next tv.

    or should i say i wont bother getting a new tv until it can be something like that

    on my list

    Stunning LG!... I must say LG have had the best looking tellies since the Scarlett and PG series a few years back. Those Samsungs at the time were too solid looking, thick plastic with very little attention to detail. Panasonics were the same as always, just a different color and plastic type... LG have been pushing forwards for ages now. Incredible. As for quality, they're as good as anyone else really. They're much more affordable and simple to repair too. If you're going to spend the money on this, you'll want your extended warranty too, this is important for any brand TV because they all break, and they're all likely to do so within the first 5 years.

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