McDonald's Outside Of America Looks Way More Awesome

I'm jealous of the French two days in a row. McDonald's has commissioned designer Patric Norguet to redesign its 'restaurants' in France and he's come up with a stunning redefinition of the most popular fast food chain in the world. It's fit more for Michelin star restaurants than McDonald's.

Norguet wanted to change the conversation of McDonald's toward a more familial feel and away from the cheap, downtrodden look that's plagued Mickey D's for years. The main colour in the updated look is a crisp and clean white with pinches of wood, metal and concrete. It looks more like a trendy hotel lobby than a place where I order everything off the dollar menu for lunch. Which begs the question, is this too classy for McDonald's? I say no.

The redesign is starting in six restaurants in France and hopefully will bring more change along the way. [Patrick Norguet via ArchDaily via Hypebeast]

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