Man Wants $US60m For Patent Protecting The Distribution Of URLs Via SMS

There are a lot of sad sites at CES. But Robert Sanchez telling an empty room about his plans to sell a patent that details delivery of URLs via text message for $US60 million has to be one of the most desperate.

Technology Review reports that Sanchez, an entrepreneur and CEO of GlabalTel Media explained that "someone's infringing on us probably three to four million times a day". He was speaking to an audience of less than 20 in a room at the Venetian Hotel and Casino. At least five of those people were colleagues of Sanchez.

Poor Robbie.

He is, apparently, planning to convince Facebook, Twitter, Google or some other big internet player to buy US patent 8,073,895, titled "System and method for delivering web content to a mobile device". That seems optimistic. His named price of $US60 million seems even more optimistic.

According to Technology Review, during the press conference, Sanchez muttered "I've never done this before, it's an experiment." Damn right it's an experiment, Robbie. [Technology Review]


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