Man On Man Gold-Rimmed Segway Love At CES

How would you roll if you were a big baller CEO of one of the world's largest electronics companies? If you're Monster Cable CEO Noel Lee, on a tricked out gold-rimmed Segway of course. Oh, and look, a Segway-strapped admirer!

So Lee is rolling on his Segway, talking to military brass (really) and generally just thugging out across the show floor, Segway style. Along comes another Segway riding interloper! Turns out, meeting someone else on a Segway is even more socially awkward than riding solo. But Lee and this gentleman who appears to be a buyer of some sort pulled it off in true style.

So romantic! So heartfelt! In fact, I'd suggest firing up this sweet, sweet Kenny G video in a new window before scrolling down.

They spy each other. A connection is made.

The approach. This is a delicate dance.

The coupling. Oh, sweet romance.

But only one can have gold rims. Riding dirty, motherscratchers!

Or a ridiculous title with no name on the badge.

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