Magical Paper Pot That Somehow Boils Water

Don't ask me how a paper pot can be used to boil water and cook pasta and make noodles but this paper pot, the Hexa Pot, can. IT'S MADE OF PAPER. The Hexa Pot isn't real yet (it's a Kickstarter) but it's the perfect pot for the outdoors. And the perfect pot for lazy people like me who hate to do dishes.

The Hexa Pot is made of "special non-toxic waterproofing multi-ply paper material" that's biodegradable and folds flat so you can easily store it wherever you want, in your camping backpack, next to your printer, etc. and is designed with a 'lip-pour spout' so you can easily transfer whatever you're cooking into whatever you're eating out of. You just put it on a stove, and fire it up like a normal pot. The great thing, of course, is that you can just toss the pot after you're done and never have to worry about doing the dishes again.

The folks at Hexa Pot say the post is meant to cook liquid food such as water, coffee, milk, hot chocolate, tea, etc. and also pasta, soup, chilli, shabu shabu, ramen noodles, etc. as long as there is liquid inside the pot. Help make this crazy paper pot a reality, people! [Kickstarter via TechCrunch]

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