Lunchtime Deal: DSE Surge Board $29.95

I'm sure this is just coincidental; Woolies announces it's selling off Dick Smith Electronics, and suddenly a few really good deals pop up. Certainly coincidental. Anyway, on with the show...<

I'll admit it; in the great pantheon of gadgets, the humble surge protected powerboard isn't up there with the greats. It's not sleek or sexy, but you'll discover just how desirable it really is when a power surge goes through your more alluring gadgets and fries them to a crisp. Dick Smith's selling off a six-port powerboard delivered for a tasty $29.95, chopping $40 off the price, and perhaps saving your precious gadgets along the way. [DSE via OzBargain]


    Thanks for the heads up. Great deal!

    Do they work, or do what they say? surge boards in general really...

    Does it come with insurance like Belkin's boards? Because that is why I buy Belkin boards because of the insurance included and therefore its higher price tag.

    Will the warrantee be honoured by woollies once dse is gone? cos I have 2 of these things and the only reason I bought them was for the warrantees (I dont really trust the hardware, it kinda sparks and stuff when you plug things in).

    If these were master/slave boards i would be in like flynn

    These things are awesome.
    They've got a $75,000 connected equipment warranty (and it's really comprehensive. I read the fine print because I was very skeptical. So long as you don't piggyback it with another board or a double adapter, you're cool)
    They also have a warranty that covers the life of the product, so if something internally goes wrong (and a little red light goes on when it knows there is an issue) or it stops a surge that damages it (again - red light) you'll get a replacement :)

    My source? I work there. And I bought one. Awesome deal.

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