Lumia 800 Coming To Oz For All Carriers In March

We've wondered for a while which carrier would pick up the Nokia Lumia 800 in the Australian market, and Nokia's just made it official. The answer is "all of them, and possibly others, too." Nokia's statement is that the Lumia 800 will hit Australian shores in March from "through Optus, Telstra, Vodafone and all major retailers from March."

Quite when in March isn't specified -- and neither is an asking price -- but the second half of that sentence is interesting as well, as it opens up the possibility of direct sales for the handset. It'll be available in the colours shown above, as well as white -- unless that is, the white is really white and you just can't make it out, I suppose.

By March, the Lumia 800 will have a few months under its belt; for what it's worth there was near blanket advertising of the Lumia 800 while I was in the UK recently. Will you be hanging out until March for a Lumia, or have you direct imported already?


    LOL this was news last week guys :P

      That was via interview comment; this is via the official release confirming it (and it hadn't been noted previously on Giz, which was why I wrote it up at all).

        Yeah I know Alex, sorry was just J/k with you :) Going to be an interesting March for WP7 (HTC still to debut, LTE? or maybe a little later).
        Good times!

    I don't know I'll probably wait to see how much it is outright. Then import it. Don't really want to sign up for 2 year plans again.

    got mine already :-)

      Is it good? what carrier are you with? I'm wanting the 900 but only because it uses the next G network but not sure if it even makes that much difference?

        I've got it too. Had it imported from the UK. The software is still stock Windows Phone, which is no different from the HTC Mozart I was on before. I guess the phone is snappier because it's a 2nd gen phone, but I couldn't notice a big difference, which is a positive. Battery life seemed the same, if a little better.

        But the big drawcard is the polycarbonate body, and it is a beautiful device indeed. COupled with the slightly protruding gorilla glass, and the beautiful AMOLED screen (it's so great), and the better camera compared to my previous phone, I am very happy with it. Can't wait for the 900 to be released though.

    I'm hoping for the new Nokia with the front facing camera (I think it's the Lumia 900)

    Lumia 900 please


      Not currently in the market for a new phone but if I was, it would be the 900 that I would be interested in. It'll be interesting to see how well the 800 sells with the knowledge that the 900 isn't too far away..

    About bloody time!!
    Don't care about front-facing camera; 3.8" CB-AMOLED is fine by me; 16GB ... that could be better TBH but can still fit plenty of music. If Voda has it in March then hopefully by the time my plan is up I can grab it on a reasonably cheap 12-month contract. Wewt!

      The small memory sizes on WP seems to be to force people onto higher data plans and Zune pass.

      16GB really is terrible for flagship phones in 2012.

        Not to derail the conspiracy theory or anything, but zune pass isn't a streaming service - you download the track locally first. It doesn't avoid needing storage.

          Not to derail your clear extensive knowledge in this matter, but zune pass IS a streaming service – you CAN download the track locally OR stream it. Both without a PC.

        Its all relative. 16Gb is 4 times as much storage as my workstation had in 2000 and twice the capacity of my current phone, I think. With these cut-down phone OSes, it is not much of an issue, really, except that MS decided that people could replace their ZuneHDs with WP7 phones. I've no idea how that is meant to work for me, as mine sits in a dock, attached to my stereo and TV. I can't see myself being able to do that with a phone, unless it is an old one I no longer use as a phone.

        Not likely. What I imagine Nokia are trying to do is to bring a desirable, competitive phone to market at a killer price, that neither customers nor retailers will be able to ignore. i.e. They are aiming for the big, fat middle of the market, not trying to compete with Apple at the top end. Have a look at prices for these handsets on eBay, they are really cheap for what they have, and that is how you win marketshare in a maturing market. Following it up with high-end and low-end phones gives you more options but it is in the middle where you make you stand if you want to succeed. The Lumia 800 seems to be perfectly positioned to do this. It will also build on all the work already done with the N9 because they look the same. Nokia will need to get rid of the N9 though, lest they create confusion in people's minds.

    Perfect timing for a new phone for the missus.

    Now if only they'd release the Nokia 900 or 910 on Telstra too so I can get some 4" goodness.

    are there and true old school Nokia fans out there that like windows phone? would you have preferred Nokia to do it own software?

      Every phone I have ever had except my current iPhone has been Nokia. Love the company, love the hardware, symbian is a steaming pile, and there is no room for more than 3 major OS's in the smartphone game. Look how many sales it has taken for WP to start getting mainstream support from app devs and it's still not quite there. Meego never had a chance with only Nokia behind it.

      I really think Apple have managed to score the one "single manufacturer OS" spot in this three horse race, and they can offer an entire ecosystem of phone, tablet and computer. Meego could never do that.

      I'm glad Nokia chose WP over Android, they can differentiate themselves in quality hardware and bonus software rather than rubbish modifications to the OS, and they can push a full ecosystem to clients with Windows Phone, Windows 8 tablets, your Windows PC and Xbox.

      Prior to using iPhones (and later Android), I also used Nokias exclusively. They were reliable and served my purposes extremely well, but hardly what I called exciting devices. People seem to be overestimating Nokia's potential mind share. Nokia hasn't been a household name in almost 5 years and it'll take an extraordinary effort to regain all that goodwill.

        Steve, did you not see the push Nokia gave the N9? I doubt anyone in the country doesn't know about it. If they are willing to spend millions on a dead-end device, imagine what they are preparing to do for the first of all their future phones? Expect to be utterly sick to death of the sight of the Lumia 800 by mid-year. This is going to be the full shock and awe campaign. In any event, I know plenty of people still using Nokia phones. Personally, I had one briefly and thought it was the worst phone I'd ever used. Everything about it was awful.

    Yea Lumia 900 for sure. I nearly did buy this in december, lucky I was travelling.

    White is a good idea, as it seems ridiculously popular with iSheep. Its almost as if they like to be able to see every dirty mark.

    Nice. Most anticipated phone ever for me - I'm a designer and really appreciate the effort that's gone into this handset. It's a solid handset with way above average build quality and a very nice operating system. If Nokia has got all carriers on board then that's a very good thing and shows commitment from everyone for the upgrade.

    I couldn't wait so I bought one on-line yesterday. It was less than $500, which is cheaper than a superceded 16Gb iPhone 4.

      Where from?

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