Lumia 800 Coming To Oz For All Carriers In March

We've wondered for a while which carrier would pick up the Nokia Lumia 800 in the Australian market, and Nokia's just made it official. The answer is "all of them, and possibly others, too." Nokia's statement is that the Lumia 800 will hit Australian shores in March from "through Optus, Telstra, Vodafone and all major retailers from March."

Quite when in March isn't specified — and neither is an asking price — but the second half of that sentence is interesting as well, as it opens up the possibility of direct sales for the handset. It'll be available in the colours shown above, as well as white — unless that is, the white is really white and you just can't make it out, I suppose.

By March, the Lumia 800 will have a few months under its belt; for what it's worth there was near blanket advertising of the Lumia 800 while I was in the UK recently. Will you be hanging out until March for a Lumia, or have you direct imported already?

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