Liquid Image's Tiny HD Ego Cam Streams Your Stupid Stunts

CES saw the release of a few new additions to the extreme action cam genre, but the theme this year was buit-in Wi-Fi letting jackasses and thrill-seekers stream their adventures. Including Liquid Image's new Ego which does full HD.

The company is already known for their line of camera-equipped goggles and scuba masks, but thanks to a water-resistant housing the Ego can be used for all types of sports, as long as you have some place to clip it. A 136-degree wide-angle lens captures 1080p footage at 30 frames per second, but you can turn that down to 720p which boosts the fps to 60. It also shoots 12MP stills using a shutter button on the camera, or an included wireless remote, to a microSDHC card topping out at 32GB.

Accompanying smartphone apps let images and videos be streamed in real time from the $US150 camera, which will be available sometime in June. So try not to get yourself killed before it's even released. [Liquid Image]

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