LG’s New TV Fleet Tries To Make 3D Not Suck

LG’s New TV Fleet Tries To Make 3D Not Suck

There’s a raft of new 3D TVs out from LG, and they’ve all got one thing in common: the acknowledgement that the third dimension has been pretty lame so far. Not lame? Depth control, passive glasses and dual-view multiplayer gaming potential.

The LED-lit line LM line runs quite a range: 72 to 22 inches, 60Hz to 480Hz, dynamic backlighting at the higher end, and all controlled by a motion-sensitive gesture remote or voice recognition (!). All of this sits within an astoundingly small 1mm bezel. That’s practically invisible.

The 3D models also boast some nifty boosts to the standard 3D set. You’ll be able to adjust the extent of the 3D effect, a la Nintendo 3DS, to tune the depth level to your eyeballs’ comfort level. LG’s also pushing passive 3D glasses this year, which, although not as appealing as a glasses-free moviethon, does cut down on the bulk and dorkiness factor.

Maybe coolest of all? LG’s taking a page from Sony’s neat-ish PlayStation 3 display with a dual-view multiplayer mode. That means you and a pal can take a splitscreen game and have each side blown up to take advantage of the entire display using 3D glasses a splitter. We’ll go eyes-on to make sure it works well (if at all).

Eyes On: These 3D panels sing. Viewing angle is absolutely stunning, and the passive glasses are expectedly comfortable, without any eye strain at all. Whether you enjoy 3D or not, the panel is bright and extremely sharp. These screens are powered by an “L9” processor of LG’s own design — a dual-core CPU combined with a quad-core GPU. It looks like it paid off.