LG's 84-Inch Ultra-Def TV Won't Fit Anywhere

If you want to get a sense of just how massive LG Display's new 84-inch Ultra-Definition 3DTV is, check out this shot. That tiny-looking TV on the left? It's a ridiculously big 60 inches, dwarfed by LG's 4K monster.

Are you very rich? Is your home very large? You are totally going to want the 84-inch, 3480x2160 ultradef TV. The picture quality is stunning. 3D effects jump out at you like on a movie screen. (In fact, they looked better than most movies I've seen.)

But you'll need to have it delivered because you are totally not fitting that thing in your car. Or your truck. Hell, I couldn't even fit this ostentatious beast in my apartment. But hey, you just bought an 84-inch TV with the highest resolution available, big spender. (When it comes to market, that is.) You can't spring for movers? What's wrong with you?

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