Lenovo IdeaTab S2: This Transforming Ice Cream Sandwich Tablet Is A Beauty

Asus aren't the only ones who get to have transforming tablet fun. Lenovo just joined the party with their 10.1-inch, Ice Cream Sandwich-equipped IdeaPad S2, complete with all the versatility, speed and power you could ask for from a tablet, and then some.

The IdeaPad S2 runs on Qualcomm's 1.5GHz dual-core Krait chipset, has 1GB of RAM, and up to 64GB of storage. When standing alone as a tablet, it weighs only half a kilo and is only 8.7mm thick. When you dock the tablet, it gains an extra 10 hours of battery life (on top of the 10 hours it already has), two USB ports and a card reader. And judging from the image, it's pretty easy on the eyes. Granted, this is a render, so the actual thing could come out looking a bit less striking, but hopefully that's not the case.

The IdeaPad S2 is being billed as a China exclusive for now, Lenovo says they'll announce worldwide release plans at a later date. [Lenovo]

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