Kondoot Is An Aussie Social Video Network

Aussie developers are constantly creating amazing ways to impress on a worldwide stage, but not all of them are as successful as the guys from Kondoot. A social network platform for web video, the Aussie devs behind the idea have just received $3.2 million in funding from US investors and are expected to go public in 2015.

Founded by 21 year old Mark Cracknell and 25 year old Nathan Hoad, the platform is a combination of Facebook, Skype and YouTube and offers brands and companies a way of engaging directly to the end user, without having to fit in with broadcast TV schedules. There's also the possibility of charging for access to a video stream, allowing record companies the possibility of selling tickets to a gig or public speakers to sell tickets to their presentations online.

It sounds like an impressive idea, although like any social network, it will need to have a decent number of your friends using it to make it worth while - as much as I like Path for example, only knowing four other close people who use it makes it pointless.

[Kondoot via SMH]



    Is it a straight feed or can you upload videos?

    So its a slightly more private, aussie version of chatroulette?

    It will fail.

    Sounds like the way bogans pronounce 'conduit'

    I wish this guys all the best, they are already doing great. And you guys above talk shit because you never done shit in your life and only have the balls to nay say.

    They really need to re-think that name.

    Aside from that it sounds like a fail idea...

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