Kondoot Is An Aussie Social Video Network

Aussie developers are constantly creating amazing ways to impress on a worldwide stage, but not all of them are as successful as the guys from Kondoot. A social network platform for web video, the Aussie devs behind the idea have just received $3.2 million in funding from US investors and are expected to go public in 2015.

Founded by 21 year old Mark Cracknell and 25 year old Nathan Hoad, the platform is a combination of Facebook, Skype and YouTube and offers brands and companies a way of engaging directly to the end user, without having to fit in with broadcast TV schedules. There's also the possibility of charging for access to a video stream, allowing record companies the possibility of selling tickets to a gig or public speakers to sell tickets to their presentations online.

It sounds like an impressive idea, although like any social network, it will need to have a decent number of your friends using it to make it worth while - as much as I like Path for example, only knowing four other close people who use it makes it pointless.

[Kondoot via SMH]

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