Kid Got Lost Inside A Computer In The 1950s

TNW has a great little anecdote today: a 10-year-old kid got lost inside a computer in the 1950s. That was the time when computers less powerful than your current phone were bigger than most homes. This is his story:

In 1950, I was 10 years old, visiting the Michigan State University campus. The computer was on the ground floor, turned off, with the door open. It was perhaps half the size of a gym, with many rows of cabinets taller than me. I wandered up and down the rows looking at the vacuum tubes until I got bored. By then I couldn't see the door, and didn't remember how to get back out. I was literally "lost in the computer". So I continued wandering, eventually found the open door back out, and left.

They have also compiled other little old computer tales, so make sure to read them at The Next Web.

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