There's a seemingly endless supply of Lego Star Wars sets, so Christer Nyberg took it upon himself to give Star Trek some brick love. But instead of building the Enterprise (cliché!), he chose the USS Reliant, best known as the hijacked spaceride of Khan Noonien Singh.

Starting in 2010, he carefully crafted this incredibly detailed model of the Miranda-class starship that's featured in what most fans consider to be the best Star Trek film ever, The Wrath Of Khan. You can almost picture a minifig Ricardo Montalbán sitting on the bridge, yellow plastic pecs glistening with contempt for his nemesis, Kirk.

Nyberg used somewhere in the neighbourhood of 10,000 to 15,000 bricks to construct the Reliant, and included a tiny docking bay as well as elaborate internal lighting to mimic the model used in the actual film. While I'm still a bigger fan of Star Wars, I think an official Kirk vs. Khan Lego set would sell like gangbusters. [Eurobricks via The Brothers Brick]

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