Is Twitter Gearing Up For A Malware Crackdown?

Have you ever gotten a random DM from someone you weren't following, pleading you to click through a blind link for McDonald's Gift Cards — but instead of a gift card, there's only a website laden with Trojans and malware? Well, Twitter just a company that could put an end to all those shenanigans.

Today, the Dasient web-security company announced that Twitter had brought the smaller firm into its fold. Dasient markets a web-based platform, "capable of scanning URLs and websites for the presence of harmful content" to websites and ad networks. If an infection is discovered, the software alerts the site's webmaster and quarantines the suspect files.

If that technology is applied to the Twitter network, it could help stem the flow of malware and scams on the popular social media site. [Dasient - Image: alterfalter / Shutterstock]

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