Is Getting Siri On Your iPod Touch This Easy?

It appears a clever hacker named AppleGordon managed to install Siri on his iPod touch by restoring it from an iPhone 4S backup. Which sounds maybe a little too good to be true?

AppleGordon claims that when he plugged his brand new iPod touch into his computer, he restored the saved backup of his iPhone 4S, and just like that, he had Siri ready to go. Well, sort of; apparently the dictation feature worked fine, but iPod touch Siri wasn't able to process search queries.

Two major caveats in great big blinding lights on this: First, restoring from a different device is an excellent way to brick your iPod Touch. Second, the iPod Touch in the demo video above is clearly jailbroken, so it's not exactly demonstrating what's been promised here.

So, questionable and maybe not worth it? Sure. But for the risk-taking voice command fetishists out there, very possibly worth a shot. [Cult of Mac]

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