iOS Magsafe Connector Patent Is A Great Idea

iOS Magsafe Connector Patent Is A Great Idea

The 30-pin dock connector used by all iOS devices is old and dated. Sure there’s a thriving ecosystem of peripherals out there that use the connection, but given the elegance of the devices, the dock feels clunky. But that could all change soon, with Apple applying for a patent that would bring it Magsafe connector technology to its iOS devices.

The patent shows how Apple is looking at closing up the 30-pin dock connector and headphone jack and replacing them with sealed magnetic connections. This would take away the two remaining open holes on the device, which could help keep liquid out and protect the internals in the case of a wet accident.

Because the 30-pin connector transfers data as well as power, it’s not just a simple case of copying the magsafe adapter from the Macbook lineup and pasting it into an iOS body. The patent describes the use of “coded magnets” in order to overcome this obstacle.

Even though it would essentially make all your current iPhone peripherals obsolete, having the convenience of a magnetic connection would overcome that inconvenience fairly quickly.


Image: Jon Snyder/Wired