Ignore Your Annoying Facebook Buddies Without Unfriending Them

We all have the friend or family member that's awesome in the real world, but on Facebook will. Not. Shut. Up. We get it, you love Ron Paul. Here's a simple way to extract them from your feed without having to unfriend them.

This is particularly handy for those friends that link their Facebook page with their Twitter account. I don't need to see a status update about your latest adventures in coffee ordering twice. Or once, come to think of it. Anyhow! It's dead simple. Here's what you do:

Switching Them Off

Find one of the offending friends status updates. In the top right-hand corner of the status update a down arrow will appear. Click on that to display update preferences for that friend. Select "Unsubscribe from status updates by [friend's name]".

That's it! You won't have to hear about their political views or see their football fandom or FarmVille trading failures ever again. And bringing them back into your news feed fold is just as easy.

Turning Them Back On

To revive your friend's status updates to your feed, navigate to your Facebook homepage. Hover over News Feed in the left hand corner. Select the pencil and Edit Settings.

There you'll find a list of friends you've hidden over the years. Click on the x to the right of the person whose status updates you want back in your stream. And pray they've toned it down a little.

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