If Only Boarding A Real Plane Was This Pleasant

It's unfortunate that this ultra-modern looking airport only exists at the simINN Flight Simulation centre in Stuttgart, Germany. Because flying would be considerably more enjoyable if airports looked like they were designed as science fiction movie sets.

Wannabe pilots can book two hour sessions at the simINN, which includes fifteen minutes of pre-briefing before you're handed the controls of a simulated Boeing 737. The facility actually houses two simulators, with the second built into the cockpit of a Learjet 45x whose fuselage extends into the waiting area, cleverly blending in with the interior architecture.

The simulators themselves use a 230 degree wraparound screen to provide realistic visuals wherever the pilot looks, and while neither of them are mounted on moving gimbals, I think the aesthetics of the facility add just as much to the flying experience. [simINN via MyModernMet]


    Want to make boarding a plane better, put the damn seat numbers on the floor in the boarding lounge and let people on the plane accordingly, ie. from the rear, window and middle seats first, then the isle seats starting at the rear. Stop the stupid necessity for isle passengers to get up so a window seat passenger can get in etc. The current random stupidity and honour system of passengers in rows such and such is a farce.....and enforce the damn cabin bag size limit at the check in and definitely not allow them past the security screening. The hold is there for a reason and every person deserves some space in the overhead compartments currently being filled by selfish idiots with ridiculous "carry on" bags just so they don't have to go to the baggage carousel.

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