I Want An Interactive 'Rug' Like This At Home

While I have my home's wooden floor covered in Chinese, Persian and Turkish rugs, I'd love to exchange them all for digital interactive rugs like this. One of them full of swimming crocodiles. [Buzzfeed]


    What's with this crocodile stuff? You need sharks with freaking lasers :D

    Absolutely freakin' gorgeous!

    An interactive rug? Like dog-eared so badly you trip on the f**king thing?

    That is awesome.
    Hope to see a few foyer floors done out with this tech some time.
    Very very cool stuff simply because it's all about aesthetic fun.

    They actually have one of these at Reef HQ in Townsville, QLD. It's fed by a projector on the ceiling (it's why you see such a dark shadow). The one at Reef HQ is actually a picture of a coral reef complete with fish and sharks that you can chase. Each step makes ripples on the water. Very cool. Had my niece and nephew (both under 5) entertained for quite a while. Alright... and a few adults too.

      I can see the projector shadow - what's really creepy is at 0:04 the girl's shadow vanishes as she steps into the field of the second projector. Weird, but a cool concept - too bad projector bulbs don't last forever.

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