Hybrid Sharks Will One Day Rule The Oceans

Until an evil genius discovers a way to mount fricken laser beams on fricken sharks heads, it's up to the underwater predators to take the initiative to become more dangerous to humans. Luckily, that seems to be happening, with scientists discovering a rare form of hybrid shark off Australia's east coast.

The scientists found 57 hybrid sharks, the result of the common blacktip shark and Australian blacktip shark getting it on in the underwater boudoir. Despite the similar names, the two sharks are distinct genetically, which makes the coupling exceptionally rare.

While the research team believes that the discovery is evidence that the sharks are adapting to the changing environment, they also warn that hybridisation could make the sharks even stronger. Scary.


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    I for one welcome our new bitey overlords...

    Artlice on news.com.au said it's all to do with Climate Change ..dips BS on that.

      Most "articles" on news.com.au are BS anyway.

      "Climate Change" has been around since our planet existed. The whole ice age and different places around the world recording differing climates through the ages is truth enough for me

      The suggested link that we are are causing sharks to start interbreeding because of our "carbon footprint", that's what I call massive BS on!

    "they also warn that hybridisation could make the sharks even stronger."

    Or weaker...

    OH NO!


    Sharktopus is here!

    Anybody else think this is a great idea for a Pixar movie? Two sharks from different worlds finding love? It's a modern Romeo and Juliet.

      It could be the "Guess Who's Coming To Dinner" of our time!


    I've seen a vanilla blacktip while diveing, scared the bejesus out of me.It came at me really fast then did a couple of laps around me then buggered off.It was about 6 or 7 feet long, thats bigger than me but I could'nt I.D. it right away I googled it later and found they are rarely dangerous to humans with only one recored fatality.

      I saw a Port Jackson Shark when I went shore diving not long ago...Not very big and not very shark like.

      Only incident I heard of them is a man being bitten from it resulting in a .... bruised calf.

    If they're genetically distinct, does that make it beastiality?

      Yes, which means that they can be arrested, charged, found guilty and locked up. While in gaol they will become Homersexual; danger over!

        Wait, what?

        They will find a Simpsons character sexually attractive?

        They will say "d'oh" during sex?

    Just because someone calls it hybridisation doesn't mean that it is...

    Who says that these 2 speces are really different species, DNA, well they have discovered "new species" every year since the definition of species was changed....

    BUT they refuse to allow that Eskimos and Antarcticans are different species.( they don't interbreed in their natural environment)... we have to call all humans the same species..... (Afterall the hybrid of Chinese and European are usually fertile, that would be the old definition of the species)

    Hey if these sharks are interbreeding and the offspring is fertile it is not a hybrid.....

    Likewise if tomatoes ( some termed hybrid) produce true breeding fertile seeds, then it is not a Hybrid.. (a salmon tomato genetic engineered Mutant falls outside the classification, and may breed true and fertile.... This is Humanity stuffing the natural order.

    These type of stories are BS to confuse the Bourgeois masses, and lull them into fear of everything, so they will believe their overlords....

    Also allowing the possibility of these mutant hybrid sharks mutating into a super intelligent life-form and walking down George street to kill us al.... Not likely...

    Forget AGW here, these sharks have probably always had overlapping territory, and cross breeds are probably more common then thought (before testing began)

    PS, I know nothing

    WOW! – How dumb can sharks get?

    They’ve been around for 420 million years, through two major ice ages prior to the current one which started 2.5 million years ago, have since survived maybe 50 swings between glacials and inter-glacials (in which all of the inter-glacials have been much warmer than this one), and only NOW are they getting around to adapting to climate change.

    No wonder they are on the brink of extinction.

      The vast majority of shark species are not in any danger of becoming extinct but the ones that are are because of over fishing/bycatch not because of climate change.

    Am I the only one who clicked on this article hoping for petrol-electric sharks?

    Hell yeah!

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