How To Secure Your Android Phone Like The NSA

Every app I download seems to want more and more access rights — to either my SD card, my Internet connection, and even my address book. And with every app, my phone gets a little less secure. The new SE Android OS aims to lock down my phone against any and all exploits.

SE Android is a secured version of the Android OS created by the National Security Agency (the NSA). Every file and folder on the phone can be individually locked and encrypted, Wi-Fi and mobile network security has been enhanced, and the app permission system now employs a multi-level security scheme.

Installation is a bit of a challenge, mind you. You'll need to be comfortable with Android source code and be familiar with Linux and Unix systems without a lot of support. Essentially, to install SE you'll first download and compile the latest OS code from the Android Open Source Project onto your phone, then load the SE Android source onto that. This means it needs either an emulator or the Nexus S — if you have neither, maybe just be a little more careful with what you put on your phone. [H-Online via Android Community via Talkadroid]

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