How To Make Your Own Jerry Can Speakers

How To Make Your Own Jerry Can Speakers

Last year, we showed you these awesome jerry can speakers. But they cost over $US400, which sucks. Don’t worry, though: here’s how you can make your own using, uh, some jerry cans and speakers.

OK, so the sound quality might not be that high — somehow, I suspect they aren’t quite heavy or rigid enough to sound great — but who cares? Use them at a party or something. The fact that you can make them yourself out of parts you (possibly) have lying around at home makes it worth a try.

This build-it-yourself guide was put together by industrial designer Samuel Bernier, and all you need is:

  • A pair of stereo speakers
  • Speaker wires
  • 8 screws (the type will depend of the speakers you’ve got
  • 2 EMPTY AND CLEAN Jerrycans (or similar objects)
  • Polyester fill
  • Amplifier

Easy. So go ahead and read his guide. Then make them. Let me know how it goes for you. [RE_ via Nerdstink via Make]