How To Make A Boombox Out Of A Toolbox

Yes, that shiny Bose dock does look out of place in your workshop. But you know what would look awesome? A homebuilt blaster made out of a shiny red toolbox. This video shows you how to do it.

Officially titled the Gentleman's Boombox, it's the creation of so-called "artpenter" Floyd Davis, who makes it using only a Craftsman toolbox, a salvaged speaker, a small power amplifier, a drill and jigsaw. The video is kind of a massive shillfest for Craftsman tools, but who cares: The project is awesome. And while a metal toolbox isn't an ideal enclosure for a speaker, you shouldn't write this idea off so fast. Part of what Davis likes to do with his mutant boomboxes is to outfit them with nice drivers he finds in cast-off tower speakers at thrift stores. Combine that with a decent amp, and you'll have more than enough audio fidelity to soar above the din of your noisy tinkering. And you can't match the style. [Ubergizmo via Make]

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