How Much Would You Pay For This Artsy Fartsy USB Drive?

I have a drawer filled with USB drives that I've picked up along this windy life of mine, but none of them look like Empty Memory, an artsy, almost jewellery-esque USB stick that looks like it's hollow. They only hold 4GB of data, but BOY DO THEY LOOK COOL.

Of course, all those invisible good looks come with a hefty price tag. The 4GB stick costs $US75 for the stainless steel version and $US94 for the rose gold and black rhodium finish. The idea behind the design is that the portion of the stick where you expect the 'storage' to be is actually hollow. It's like a visual mind trick, you're left wondering where the heck all the files, videos, pictures, documents and adult material you store on USB sticks went.

But the question is! You're only getting 4GB for nearly a hundred bucks. Is that worth it? It's not an egregious amount of money but call me old fashioned because I'm philosophically opposed to paying 20 times more than the going price for a 4GB stick (the going price being a quick search on Amazon). So I ask you, dear readers, how much would you pay for this admittedly stylish 4GB USB stick? $US20? $US40? No amount of money? ANY AMOUNT OF MONEY? Or I guess, how much does style weigh in something as utilitarian as a USB stick? [Logical Art via Laughing Squid]

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