Here's The Closest We'll Get To That Star Wars Animated Chess Set

The company that brought us the iPhone Appgun is back with another augmented reality toy. This time it's a board game called CheckARz which takes a crack at recreating that awesome battling chess set from Star Wars, with marginal success.

Using an iPad 2 running an accompanying app developed with Qualcomm, players can view an enhanced version of the checker/chess board through its camera, with added characters who battle it out as you move the pieces on the board. But since it's designed with kids in mind, the animations aren't quite as gruesome as they appeared in the movie.

Pocket-lint got an early demo of the game, but since it's not due out until September of this year, CheckARz was still very much in the prototype stages and didn't demo so well. But, even in its current form, it manages to do the impossible and make checkers actually look fun to play. [Pocket-lint]

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