Here's Everything Apple Could Buy With The Billions They Just Made

We know that Apple just had its biggest quarter in history. We know that they made an insane $US46.33 billion in revenue. But do we really know how much money is $US46.33 billion. It's hard to visualise, so this presentation and facts may help:

• the value of 72,220 bars of gold. • the entire value of Apple in 2004. • the value of all NFL Franchises combined. • the entire valuation of Ford. • the value of 20% of Google's outstanding shares. • the cost of forty-six billion, thirty-three million McChickens without tax. • the entire yearly defence budget of the U.K. • over 160 times the cost of the Louisiana Purchase (in 2011 dollars) • 8 times the GDP of Somalia. • US revenue from income tax of the Western United States. • enough to buy Mark Zuckerberg 6000 more houses. • winning $US125M lotto jackpot, everyday, for the entire year! • 23,165 times more than Chuck Norris makes in one year • enough to put one tenth of US high school seniors through college. • enough to give two Apple scented candles to everyone. On the planet. • the combined annual income of every resident of Rhode Island, twice. • enough to give each Apple employee 49 new Honda Civics

Of course revenue isn't net income. If you want to be a stickler about it Apple has $97 billion in cash and securities lying around — come on, go ahead and double everything on this list.

If you want to know more facts that can put that number into perspective, go to Apple Made More Money Than. You can even submit your own. [Apple Made More Money Than]

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