The Australian Government's Stance On Our Own SOPA-Like Law

The Stop Online Piracy Act is on ice for now in the US, but has all the noise it created given our own government ideas on how it would approach the issue of online piracy? There's some slight cross-over with the filter, yes, but the far-reaching powers that a SOPA-like piece of legislation would grant go way beyond keeping the kids safe, as it were.

Breathe a sigh of relief -- at least for now. The government isn't cooking up its own version of SOPA, reports ZDNet. In a statement from the Attorney-General's office, it was made clear that it would prefer the "industry" -- "content owners" and "internet service providers" -- to hug it out on piracy and come up with a solution together.

The article goes on to say that said industry heavyweights and the government will be sitting down to chat sometime in February. In the past, consumer groups haven't been invited to such meetings -- ZDNet says this is because the government believes it's "too early" for them to come to the party.

Scott Ludlam, a spokesperson for the Greens, was recently quite vocal regarding the government's stance and resulting approach to handling online piracy. At this year's all-things open source conference, held last week in Ballarat, he felt confident Australia could eventually be on the receiving end of SOPA-like legislation.

According to ZDNet, he had this to say:

"We should be in that room, in the copyright debate; otherwise, we are going to get some kind of dumbed-down Australian-flavoured SOPA — 12 months after it resolves itself in the United States, it'll pop up here; you can absolutely guarantee it."

[ZDNet Australia]

Image: Wikipedia/National Archives of Australia



    Lucky Australia isn't some totalitarian regime where the "government" pushes people around instead of government of the people, by the people, for the people (or other such crap).

      I really hope this is sarcasm as well, you perfectly described our government.

        Sarcasm right?

        Here's how to run the government in Australia:

        1. Bet on every horse in the race.
        2. When one of the horses wins, pat yourself on the back.
        3. Keep beating a few of the losing horses.
        4. Sweep everything under the rug.
        5. Rinse and repeat.

        In what way? Because there's no R rating for video games? Yeah, the government sure is in bed with corporations.

      +1 for sarcasm

    I have a better idea - tell the entertainment industry to update their ancient business models instead of complaining and pushing around the government!


      besides, id like so see a government stay in power after implementing a SOPA like policy, and i think that will always be a factor to any decision they make

      Exactly! And while they are at it, stop ripping off the Australian consumer with inflated prices that are not based on any cost differential. Merely because we are a smaller market. CD/DVD prices in Australia. How do they compare to the rest of the world. Hello Recording industry? Hello Film industry?? Happy to continue to rip us off are you?

    It's hard to tell on the Internet, but... this *is* sarcasm isn't it?

      (this is in response to Louie)

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.
    Ed - I think we can have a politcal debate without calling for assassinations.

      let the man (Phil) speak. Gizmodo don't silence your readers - SOPA style.. ;)

    Just last week GIZMODO reported that notes from the relevant meeting had been censored from FOI requests, unless that decision has been overturned how can you report on what the Government´s intentions are?

    I am not joking when I say that the quote from the Greens guy is literally the ONLY sensible / perceptive comment re the internet I have heard from a politician of ANY persuasion.

    Luckily Labor/Gillard/Bob Brown has plunged australia into many many billions of dollars of debt, they simply could never afford to do this.

      Two things:
      - it doesn't cost the government anything to pass stupid copyright legislation
      - OMG "billions" in debt, that's like, even more than "millions". Seriously, FFS.

      Did you know we still have our AAA credit rating? Meaning we could add an order of magnitude to that debt before it would affect anything? Or are you just an imbecile trying to get an anti labor message in edgewise?

      There is plenty of awful and accurate things you can say about our current government, the debt is not one of them.

    I don't want to live on this planet anymore

      Oh, I have thought that exact same thing sooo many times lately.

    Check this out our government is already in the pocket of the entertainment corporations

    Ah, only the Australian government would look at a failed piece of US legislation and think "yeah, that sounds like a good idea".

    What you all fail to notice is that the Government is providing wholesale access to the internet. You are delusional if you think this will not be exployted at some stage.

      Except the Gov't would take on the "Carbon Tax" approach where they charge $23/kb of pirate content downloaded instead of $3/kb like the rest of the world.. lol.

    The infrastructure, content and channels are there - now it's all about price.

    I can pay $20+ for Inception in SD via iTunes or Zune; or $16 for Inception on BRD+DVD+"Digital copy", with free delivery, from JB HiFi Online.

    Has nobody even thought that once that dog called the NBN gets to every home, just remember who runs it. The government! The same government who floated the Internet filtering legislation, but have now gone silent on. Why? Why make draconian rules when you own and control the Internet . Welcome to the socialist nirvana. Beats living in the old soviet Russia. They now control the cigarette industry, the gambling industry, the mining industry, the carbon trading industry, free to air TV and a hankering to strangle the print media. Yeah, nice place to live if you like to be ruled!

    If they create there own version of sopa...... well thats the governments broadband network goooone. aust internet users will have no need to use an incredibly filltered and censored internet service

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