GoPro Straps A Tiny Wi-Fi Backpack To Its Camera So You Can Livestream Your Stupidity

It used to be you had to wait until you got home to enjoy the extreme footage captured by your GoPro camera. But the company is introducing an adorable add-on which adds wi-fi and Bluetooth, letting you stream your exploits to a smartphone app and even control it remotely. It's an itty-bitty backpack!

A built-in battery means the wireless backpack doesn't drain your GoPro's camera, but if its power source does konk out it will switch to leeching off the GoPro as a last resort. The addition of Bluetooth lets you record commentary during your adventures, but let's be honest, that's mostly going to be terrified screams. At this point there's no word on when your GoPro will be able to strap one on, but it's an exciting accessory that means your ridiculous stunts will survive to rack up the views on YouTube, even if you don't.

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