Google Violated Its Own Evil-Free Policies While Promoting Chrome

The first rule of not being evil is: don't do things you think are evil. So it's a shame that Google has violated its own policy by giving bloggers cash in exchanges for writing about its browser, Chrome.

Google, or perhaps more likely its advertising firm Unruly, has managed to sponsor bloggers to chew the fat over Chrome, reports SEO Book. Some of them talk about how great Chrome is for small businesses, and most contain a Google promo video.

Meh, that's kind of fine, right? Mmm, the thing is, paid for links to the Chrome download page would be just fine according to Google's rules -- as long as they were tagged up as "nofollow" links. That's supposed to let PageRank know that a link was paid for so as to exclude it from search rankings.

But, uh, some of the links didn't follow that guideline.

OK, so this isn't too bad: it isn't like Google is culling small kittens, granted. And it could in fact be an innocent mistake on the part of the bloggers. But what it more likely indicates is that Google is getting so large that it can't help but trip over its own policies. And at that point, it becomes difficult to hold an entire organisation up to its existing ethical codes.

So, don't be evil. At least, if you can remember what you mean by evil. [SEO Book via TechCrunch; Image: brionv]



    Paying a reviewer would only be evil if Goog required the reviewer to write a positive review.

    And, without evidence, I'd put the link issue down to incompetence than to forethought.

    Power corrupts, absolute power, corrupts absolutely!

      An incomplete quote of the opinion of one person written in a letter more than 120years ago

        A completely puerile reply from someone who is obviously working for or extremely biased toward the company in question!

        It was a tongue in cheek comment. However given that you recognised the quote, clearly there is no need for elaboration. Also it is a well used adage that needs no explanation.

    The way that google has treated windows phone has a lot of 'evil' see what theyve done with youtube

      So what have they done to youtube? Its plays via Flash; it plays via HTML 5; they take down copyright infringing material: all good.

    People who believe a pithy comment as a mission statement from a billion dollar company are simply not looking hard enough or just treating a company like a religion... Blind faith... Puerile? Indeed...

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